Simply Bat Crazy

People have gone “bat crazy” because of the “bat craziness” of the federal government. There is a collective unease in America today causing public rage and incivility. As Biden’s and Harris’ approval ratings decrease, Americans see our political differences and racial tensions increase. We realize we have a federal government executive branch that only gives lip service to the American dream. Our own government wants to label us, spy on us, silence us, intimidate us, control us and our children and our schools. Our own government wants to destroy the sovereignty of United States borders. It lets illicit drugs, dangerous gang members, child traffickers and unrecognized terrorists pour over the Southern Border. Illegal immigrants are given preference over American citizens. Citizens who are struggling in this post-pandemic era to keep themselves afloat economically with ever increasing inflation and burdensome regulations. Meanwhile, members of the House and Senate are exempted from a COVID vaccine mandate. Illegal immigrants are “offered” a COVID vaccine at the border, but not “required” to take it according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Huh?

As expected, Fauci the Fearsome is warning Americans with his usual Holiday Fear, to celebrate Christmas only with “vaccinated” family and friends. I wonder how many families and friends will still be speaking to each other by Thanksgiving over this hot button issue? And how many parents and grandparents will be able to get kids those coveted toys by Christmas if the supply and distribution networks are not quickly and effectively dealt with. The current Biden plan does neither.

Behind the scenes, Obama, Soros, Ron Klain and Susan Rice are working feverishly to puppet Biden and keep us from believing our “lying eyes.” We have a two tiered system of justice which arrests, charges, investigates and imprison only conservatives as “right wing extremists,” “white supremacists,” or “domestic terrorists.”

Recounting all this has put my stress level into overdrive. I can see the same thing everywhere. Driving recently on a Saturday afternoon, I observed a simmering road rage. Everybody was impatiently in everybody else’s way. The airline industry has reported thousands of aggressive incidents on flights resulting in injuries to flight attendants and passenger arrests. A woman was recently raped on public transportation while other passengers did not aid her or call 911. They were, instead, recording the terrible incident or their cell phones for a quick and sensational social media post. Are followers really that important? Apparently so.

What has happened to us? I think fears about current state of our incompetent federal government, particularly Afghanistan and illegal immigration, has too many of us insecure and rightly worrying. Subconsciously, we wonder “Who has my back?” That has weighed on our collective psyches. Protectively insulating us from pain, but chaffing away at our patience, understanding, empathy and compassion for one another. These are not good times. These are confusing and polarizing times. In my many decades of memories and experiences, I have have never seen such a corrupt, cold, fractured and chaotic federal government. Or such a deceitful and corrupt media. People may think, subconsciously, this government doesn’t care about me or my family. Why should I show care for others. I am being labelled a “racist,” “oppressor,” and/or a “terrorist,” because of some concocted, unproven, even inaccurate, ideologies. I am being stripped of my freedoms of thought and speech and my pursuit of the American dream. Why should I be nice and civilly engaged, when being called the worst of names I do not deserve?

These labels have become self-fulfilling prophecies, not in the extreme, but in everyday living. I am not being treated with humanity, so why should I be humane to anyone else? Do we now live in an alternate reality where only the hardened, the corrupt, the cynical and the evil survive? What will happen if we are intimidated into silence? We fear life will only get worse as more control will be foisted upon us by the government. We no longer feel SAFE in what was the “land of the free.”

The world around us is insane. Very little makes sense or is ethical anymore. Justice is no longer equitable. We are being driven “bat crazy” by a failing, inept government. The same government charged with protecting us and supporting our rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Much has gone wrong.

“With hope for the future, no prediction, in regard to it, is ventured.”

Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address

School Sex Assaults and Society’s Liars

A cover-up is a lie. In May 2021, a 14 year old female student was hideously and violently sexually assaulted in the girls’ restroom by a bisexual male student wearing a skirt. This occurred in a Loudoun County Public School in Virginia. We have only heard about this recently. The incident was covered up by school officials and the district attorney in Loudoun County and the mainstream media. What was revealed was her father protesting at a Loudon County School Board meeting in June 2021 since no charges had been filed against the alleged perpetrator. But charges were filed against the father for losing his cool at the school board meeting. Because at that same meeting, a school board member denied there had ever been a sexual assault in a Loudoun County School. To add insult to injury, a women progressive activist, attending the same meeting, told the father she did not believe his daughter was sexually assaulted. That became too much for this father to listen to calmly. He reacted angrily, but issued no threats. When he pulled his arm away from a policeman’s grip, he was arrested by police attending the meeting.

The father was, subsequently, characterized in the media and local court as an example of a “terroristic” parent. Recordings of his arrest were shown across news outlets nationwide. There was no media mention of the daughter’s sexual assault.

Think of the trauma this poor 14 year old girl has suffered. First, she endured an attack of multiple, unspeakable, perverted sex acts by a male student in the girls restroom. He is a biologic male regardless of how he wants to characterize himself. He has finally been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. But, not until she, as the victim, had to hear the attack denied, not pursued and herself not believed. Then she had to see her father arrested and plastered all over TV when he was only trying to defend her. Outrageous! 14 years old! How can she get through these traumas all of which should have never happened. The male student was adjudicated in Juvenile Court and sent to another school where he sexually assaulted another girl.

Progressives, leftists, “wokes” are intent on forcing their unrealistic and incorrect ideologies down every school district’s throat. It is a misguided effort to protect “marginalized” sexual minorities. Without this radical pressure, none of this would have happened.

Do female victims, do heterosexuals, do parents have any rights anymore? All school districts ( I have worked in three, both urban and suburban) have policy and procedure manuals to follow. There is never any question as to how to handle any and all situations. The manuals follow state education guidelines and laws. Nowhere do they say do what is “politically correct” so as to not offend activist groups. It appears that political correctness denied both daughter and father of their rights and spread vicious lies.

Why the blatant cover-up by the school district, media and various categories of progressives? Obviously, they didn’t want the public to see how these crazy, stupid, dangerous and impractical ideologies don’t work in the real world. These misguided ideologies have gotten very ridiculous and invasive. Young children are being taught, in school, that their “gender assignment” at birth is irrelevant. They are being told that being a boy or a girl is their “choice.” They can choose to be the opposite or be both. How confusing that must be to a young child who has heretofore identified as a boy or as a girl. How baffling to parents when they must get questions from their young children.

The very, very small number of truly transgender children should receive accommodations and support in schools that are safe and practical for all students. The families should get the necessary outside counseling and medical advice. Information about their child should be shared at school at the parents’ discretion and a need to know basis. However, this does not mean that the possibility of their own transgenderism should be suggested to all young children nationwide. That’s an over reach.

I am curious if the dishonest Loudoun County school official and the district attorney and members of the activist progressive left and mainstream media have any children? I doubt they do or else they wouldn’t adopt this radical nonsense. Where and by whom has any of this sexual identity ideology been researched for its effectiveness and safety, physically and psychologically. The latest generation of progressives is on record as saying, “Having children is old fashioned.” So why do they care what children are taught? They are radicals. They want to push their own adult definitions of sexual identities on innocent young children much to the rightful indignation of parents.

You are able to be an idiot and endanger children when you have never loved and nurtured your own child. I have had enough of this uninformed, inexperienced and child unfriendly nonsense. I say again, children are not sexual, social and political experiments. They are impressionable, living, loving, spiritual beings who all through the ages have required parents’ care and nurturing. Children are creations and gifts. Schools and government are bureaucracies and not substitutes for parents.

Anyone can look at animals in the wild nurturing and protecting their young. This is the natural order to anyone but the crazies, progressive leftists, radical teachers unions, media, government–the liars of our “society.”

“The parent is the past, the current and the continuing teacher.”

Dr. Constance Clayton, Former Superintendent, School District of Philadelphia

CRT Makes My Head Split

A few days ago my local newspaper published an opinion piece by a gentleman who was clearly on the Left side of Critical Race Theory. As usual, he along with other writers who have opined on Critical Race Theory, fail to tell us 1) What CRT actually proposes; 2) If they have any children, especially a school age child; and 3) Have they ever taught children of any age? It is very easy to come up with and defend wild theories as to what children should be taught if you have never been a parent and never had any experience in education, psychology, pediatrics or scientific research of any sort. This makes my head split!

Most of the people, I have reviewed, who write about Critical Race Theory do not say they are parents and have no background in any of the above fields. Primarily, they maintain that objections to CRT are grounded in stupidity and all forms of right wing extremism, mostly white supremacy. White supremacy accounts for 2% of all domestic terror groups according to the FBI in 2020. CRT proponents want children taught about the ills of slavery. Yes, children should be taught about slavery. It is part of our past, but is CRT the right way to do it? Based on my experience with children of all ages, races and countries from all over the world, their families and communities, CRT should not be taught. Why? CRT wants to unnaturally separate today’s children by race into two groups: one who is responsible for the ills of slavery as Oppressors and the other who is handicapped as Victims by the ills of slavery. How can the slavery of centuries ago be the responsibility or handicap of children in the 21st century? Well if you don’t agree with CRT, then you are judged as not “woke” enough. Your opinion counts for nothing. You will be “cancelled” and more recently, even prosecuted by federal law enforcement and the US Department of Justice.

CRT is an outgrowth of The 1619 Project. 1619 is a collection of opinion essays written by individual journalists as to the origins and progression of slavery in America. None of these journalists are historians. Nor is the Project footnoted anywhere in the writings to confirm the accuracy of the content. These journalists produce no verification of actual research done to complete the Project. Nonetheless, the writer of the 1619 introductory essay received a Pullitzer Prize from the New York Times. The NYT put its stamp of approval on The 1619 Project and its outgrowth, Critical Race Theory. Much to the rejoicing by the radical teachers unions and the radical left and the subsequent chagrin of reasonable parents nationwide. For these reasons, I have some serious questions and concerns about CRT which I have not seen addressed.

Critical Race Theory divides children into two groups—Oppressor if you are a White child and Victim if you are a Black child. The children are actually separated in the classroom by race and then get separate instruction and go through separate exercises applicable to their race.

I don’t know how it can benefit a Black child to be told he or she is a victim of White Oppression, especially by their White classmates and friends. Talk about a negative, discouraging and divisive message. How can such a message motivate a Black child to dream, envision success, build self-esteem and character and relate to their White classmates who they thought were their friends? I don’t know how it benefits a White child to be told he or she is an Oppressor of their Black classmates because they are White. How can shame, guilt, even resentment motivate a White child to dream, envision success, and build character when they are taught they have hurt their Black friends and classmates simply because they are White? How can being told at a young age, you are a Victim or Oppressor strictly because of your race benefit any child? How can building negativity, discouragement, shame, guilt and resentment improve race relations and end racism? They can’t. None of this is a message of diversity and inclusiveness. I believe it is a misguided reflection of the authors’ own bias.

There remains one more question about teaching CRT. Where do mixed race children fit in? According to the 2020 US Census, 27% of respondents identified as mixed race. So, is a mixed race child an Oppressor or Victim? Is a mixed race child supposed to love one parent and reject the other? If told by the teacher or group leader to identify with the race they are most comfortable with, how is this possible? How is a mixed race child supposed to integrate his or her personality by being uncomfortable with or rejecting half of his or her identity? Clearly, CRT has many flaws and ill effects. Its true and practical ill effects on children have obviously not been recognized or considered by the authors, teachers unions and school boards.

These authors of The 1619 Project and CRT cannot clearly discuss or define “race.” They use the word “racism” to define racism. Racism to teach racism. Racism to end racism. CRT and 1619 are circular arguments by a group of journalists based on non-researched and undocumented opinions. That is why they are called “theories.” By definition “theory” means a supposition or unproven fact. Since 1619 and CRT are unproven and non-researched, how can they be acclaimed and worthy of school curricula nationwide? What happened to the Left’s mantra to “follow the science?” There is no science in CRT and 1619. The only common thread in CRT is the authors’ hatred for America. Shouldn’t patriotism and equality be at the core of American children’s education?

Should the The 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory be taught as accurate portrayals of American history and a way to improve race relations? I would give that a resounding NO! Children are impressionable, living, loving beings. They are not social or political experiments. Parents, above anyone else, are the rightful stewards and chief stakeholders of their children’s lives. Not the school. Not the government. Yet, we have a feckless US Attorney General in Merritt Garland who at the behest of a feeble, detached President Biden has decided to report parents to the FBI. Parents who school boards label as dissenters and “threats.” These parents are now considered domestic terrorists. I don’t believe in threats of physical violence against anyone no matter how heated the argument. The flip side of the coin is, I don’t believe in threatening parents, either, with federal law enforcement when local school boards perceive them as “threats.” No one has bothered, for the sake of clarity, to define what constitutes a “threat” and what is reportable. The main objective of this decision is to silence dissent by and free speech of parents. I hope parents will not be intimidated by this clear over reach.

Americans need to take a few steps back to really examine if racism, particularly slavery, define everything and everyone in America today. I believe Americans, of all races, are much more than the narrow definitions set out in1619 and CRT. Parents who express dissent and concern have a Constitutional right to be heard. Shame on the President, US Attorney General, US Secretary of Education and school boards for bowing completely to the radical teachers unions. The same unions who are very generous donors to radical and Democrat candidates and who are recipients of $500,000 in the proposed infrastructure bill. Parents who object to CRT and some concerned teachers should not be unfairly labelled as terrorists, racist, right wing conspirators, white supremacists or be socially ostracized. Leftist tactics of being “woke” and”cancelling” and intimidating any opposition have no place when it comes to the welfare of children and the legal rights of parents. The President, US Attorney General, US Secretary of Education, FBI, teachers unions, school boards, media, politicians and community leaders would all do well to acknowledge and remember this.

Current Events

Are you tired of the lies, duplicity, hypocrisy and the "It's Trump's fault" in the Biden Administration? So am I. I am a concerned citizen with a conservative point of view. I am a retired registered nurse, BSN, with 46 years experience as a nurse in hospital, public health/home care and school settings. I have primarily worked in underserved communities and schools at the high school level with mostly high risk minority and immigrant youth. The last high school in which I was employed had 2000 students from all over the world. It was an ESL school with 20 languages spoken at the school. I am very familiar with the health, housing, financial, social and cultural needs of minority and immigrant communities as well as issues surrounding infectious diseases. I have written and published two children's books. I also write another blog which is for bereaved parents called May Your Laughter Live at I understand loss, having lost both a son, tragically, and a husband after a long illness. I am a breast cancer survivor. I am a person of deep faith which I credit for bringing me through my challenges. I recently remarried quite happily.

I have a keen interest in current events as they relate to governance, political views and political actions. Frustration and concern with present conditions in the United States and the worldview of the United States prompted me to write this blog.

I am appalled by what happened when Biden attempted to withdrawal US troops from Afghanistan before withdrawing embassey staff, American civilians and Afghani SIV holders. These Many Afghani's helped US intelligence and US military over a 20 year period. Incredibly, Biden left 500 to 1000 Americans behind in Afghanistan along with these thousands of our Afghani supporters. The US troop withdrawal happened without giving our NATO allies a warning. This unprecedented action put 8000 NATO troops and our allies' personnel in serious jeopardy. Only three percent of the 120,000 evacuees rescued were Afghani US support personnel and their families. Only 500 of the 120,000 evacuated were American civilians. Who were the rest of these evacuees? Where are they and what are their intentions? Thirteen American troops were killed. An international aid worker and his family, including seven children, were killed by an errant US drone. No terrorists were killed. No explanation, either, on how this happened after many days with denials and misstatements  The Biden administration significantly  relied on the "good will" of the barbarian, ruthless Taliban to act in a "business like manner." Never mind that the "business" of the Taliban is brutalizing, torture, maiming, rape, murder and sex traffiking of minors and women. How did this happen? How could it go so wrong?

Now, onto the illegal immigration crisis. 1.6 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States since the beginning of the Biden Administration. No accurate statistics on where they are, if they are COVID  positive and what this will cost American taxpayers. In the last year of the Trump administration, 500,000 immigrants total were allowed entrance into the US. So the US already has over three times the number of illegals in Biden's eight months compared to the previous entire year.  Drugs are pouring over our Southern border.  Texas Department of Public Safety reports an 800 percent increase in Fentanyl alone. What about protection from health and safety risks for American citizens? What about increased crime and drug overdoses related to the rampant increase of drugs coming into the US? How did the border get so out of control? Why are we now seeing increased COVID, measles, TB, Zika on US bases where Afghan refugees are being housed? Why are illegal immigrants not being immunized against COVID before entering into the US? Where exactly did all Haitian migrants go after leaving the Del Rio Texas horrendous encampment? Less than 2000 are in Border Patrol custody. Less than 2000 were actually deported back to Haiti. That leaves about 12,000 or more unaccounted for. They can disperse all kinds of infectious diseases into the US. And, also get an unlimited amount of government assistance. Has anyone considered the ramifications the shear numbers of illegals will have on communities, law enforcement, hospitals, schools and housing? Meanwhile, US businesses, health care workers, hospitals, schools and universities struggle under COVID regulations, vaccine mandates and mask mandates for school children as young as two years old.   

Rampant inflation of all goods began with the closing of the Keystone Pipeline. Interest and tax increases along with shortages of goods are feared. In addition, valid concerns emerge of increased US debt and deficit from all the Biden give aways and anticipated spending bills. Biden recently called OPEC to produce more Middle Eastern oil for US use. We were energy independent under Trump. Why would Biden do this?  

Law enforcement, ICE and Border Patrol agents are being constantly thrown under the bus. Law enforcement is being defunded as crime increases, especially in cities where police have been defunded and Democrat controlled cities. Yet, innumerable Democrat politicians have hired taxpayer paid private security for themselves. Meanwhile, they live in opulent gated mansions with state of the art security. They don't even live in their own squalid Congressional districts. Districts which have suffered from years of Democrat neglect.   

BLM and Antifa rioters were never charged for the killings and injuries to law enforcement officers and private citizens, burning of businesses and federal buildings, looting and rioting. No committees and no commissions to investigate any of this and the $20 billion worth of damage to property.  Five hundred people were arrested as a result of January 6th. One unarmed civilian was killed, Jan 6th, by an armed Capitol Policeman. He was subsequently cleared of all charges without any commission or committee appearance required. A few more Capitol Police sustained minor injuries. Many of those arrested are not getting their constitutional rights to counsel or a speedy trial. Democrat=Never Guilty. Republican=Always Guilty. Why do we have a two tiered system of justice?

My head is spinning with all the conflicting information coming from Dr. Fauci and the CDC regarding COVID protocols, masks, vaccines, and now, COVID boosters from the Director of the CDC. She contradicted FDA recommendations on boosters. Fauci has clearly lied to Congress about the origins of COVID from the Wuhan lab. Fauci also lied about his major role in gain of function COVID research. Are you as sick of this little weasel as I am? As a career nurse, I am reluctant to publicly criticize any doctor. However, in Fauci's case, I make a well justified exception!

Schools have been made indoctrination zones with the radical teachers' unions and "woke" school boards pushing instruction in Critical Race Theory, even reparations, over parents' objections. Socialist/Marxist theories have been taught to several generations of college and university students by Marxist professors. How has all this affected US politics and culture? Corporations and government offices at all levels are mandating diversity and inclusion programs for all employees. One large US bank went so far to instruct employees that even "white" toddlers can be "racist." Meanwhile, over 60 percent of Americans polled said they believe race relations in the US are worsening. What factions are behind this so called "diversity and inclusivity?"    

I am very concerned as to what can go wrong next. I am positive more catastrophes are in the wind. The Biden Administration is rampant with incompetence and corruption. Look at Hunter Biden's actions and all that has come out about him recently. Hunter is a blatant security risk to the US as is his president father. Both have made the US and the world a more dangerous place, especially regarding China. How and when did this happen? 

I am concerned we can never have integrity in elections again. Especially if Democrats succeed in federalizing elections, eliminating the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court. Hard to say if Democrats will be successful. Personally, I believe there is something far more evil and sinister behind the Democrat's agenda and the Party's influence makers than meets the eye.

I will analyze and give you my point of view on all the issues I have raised. Please stay posted for future blogs. Thank you.