Frustrating, disappointing, even maddening, to navigate the US legal system. Right now we have criminals being told they are “victims.” Actual victims of crime being told the person who committed a crime against them has been released. No bail required despite having several felony warrants against them. Will probably serve no time in jail. Is free to roam the streets where they can harm more people. Even kill someone in a sandwich shop for putting too much mayo on their sandwich. This just happened last night in Atlanta GA. I suppose the DA will tell this young woman’s family the shooter is not dangerous or disturbed, just “misunderstood.” If DA’s don’t want to enforce the law, they should become defense lawyers or not be lawyers at all.

The civil law system is not much better. I am facing the possibility of serious neck surgery with a long recovery because the previous surgery I had five years ago never healed as it should have. Because of significant pain and my own persistence, I found that out one month ago. But during those five years, no x-ray or MRI contained that bit of information. Every time I saw the surgeon, he said the area of the operation showed no problem.

Because I felt the need to waste my time and effort in preparing the necessary information, I consulted a malpractice lawyer. He told me I was not “guaranteed” a good result from my surgery. Hmm. The surgeon never said that. In fact, just the opposite. He said this type operation was highly successful and after one post-op visit, he never saw these patients again.

The lawyer added, the radiology reports were just “opinion.” Huh? Forget medical science? He explained it was possible for another radiologist or surgeon to disagree with any report. Also strange. I didn’t see any disclaimer on any of the reports saying they were only this radiologist’s “opinion”, could be incomplete or contain errors. I didn’t sign any such disclaimer when I had the tests. He continued that I had other medical issues. Maybe if you can’t handle complex cases, you should not have become a lawyer. By way of encouragement, to take the onus off himself, he recommended I get another legal opinion. Who did he have in mind? St. Thomas More?

As if my head wasn’t already splitting, he went on. The doctor who finally found the issue would have to say the other doctors were wrong. This would involve one big health care system going against another on my behalf. Very unlikely to happen. I thought malpractice lawyers had their own medical experts. Silly me.

Then, the true crux of the matter was revealed at last. The lawyer said because of the estimated usual cost, on his part, of $150,000, he could not take any medical practice case unless he was certain to get a one million dollar settlement. Ah, the beginning of wisdom at last. Learning the true roots of all evil—money and lawyers. My “opinion” so I don’t get sued.

I only want to know when will I ever get justice? I could not get a lawyer to represent me on behalf of my son when he was killed. Not likely to be successful. Couldn’t get a medical malpractice case when poor post-op care resulted in a terrible infection in my husband’s hand. He lost three fingers. I was told it could not be pursued because he was diabetic. It would not be possible to prove whether the infection was the result of negligence or his diabetes. Looking like the ball is always in the physician’s or surgeon’s court.

Today, I sit here with my own incomplete surgery, a dead son, and a mutilated dead husband. But no representation or justice for any of it. Three strikes and you’re out. Out of options and bitterly disappointed. Nice talking to you too, Mr. Esq.


The Democrat ship “USS Lying Propaganda” sailed away weeks ago with its heavy cargo of lies and failures. It is now too late for Democrat “damage control.” One Biden administration disaster after another has caused too much suffering for the American people, especially families with infants and children.

Infants and most children seem unimportant to the Biden White House. I guess because they don’t vote, but frustrated and angered parents do.

These are parents who cannot find the needed formula for their infants. Infants who have special medical needs which require special formulas that are now unavailable. Infants are winding up in the hospital. An infant can dehydrate very quickly. They must receive adequate fluids, especially when having diarrhea, because their usual formula is unavailable.

Not all women can nurse their infants due to medical issues for baby or mother and for economic or practical reasons. All infants get hungry and require regular feedings. Congratulations to the Biden administration for turning the United States into a third world country unable to supply infant feedings. Newsflash to all Democrats: A FORMULA SHORTAGE SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. BUT IT DID ON BIDEN’S AND THE DEMOCRATS’ WATCH. Americans, please remember that when voting.

This incompetent Democrat administration’s efforts to re-stock with formulas from Europe and Mexico represent a drop in the bucket. There are a great number of infants in the US and each one requires several daily feedings. Abbott Labs says their baby formula will not be on store shelves until the first week in July. I hope the supply chain can accommodate the formula distribution. I have grave doubts. We have an idiot Democrat former mayor appointed as Sec’y of Transportation. His main and only concern is “racist roads.” Add that to the daily price increase in gasoline and diesel fuels. Remember, “Elections” have consequences.

Another disastrous and vote losing policy may be coming from the White House. The whacky wokester WH advisors have obviously never fed an infant, raised a child, put a child through public school and have no financial worries. Accordingly, they have come up with a not so brilliant idea. A proposed policy to force the radical LGBQT agenda on kids. Drum roll—“Withhold federal funds for school lunches from schools which do not teach or advance the controversial LGBQT agenda/curriculum.” Now there’s a losing policy. It shows how out of touch this White House is with reality. Starve needy children who desperately require this supplemental food in order to achieve compliance with yet another radical administration policy. November is coming!

This has to be unconstitutional. If federal funds cannot be withheld from sanctuary cities, how can federal school lunch monies be withheld from schools? The true name for this is extortion. As a mandated reporter, I will personally add actionable child neglect. Neglect for deliberately withholding food from hungry children. Everyday, ANOTHER shoe drops with a CRASH NEVER EVER HEARD within WH walls.

Moving on. The LGBQT community represents a very, very tiny minority and voting block. Their “activists” want to push disturbing and far too explicit agendas on young minds. Radicalism disguised as “gender identity” for school curricula. IMO, radicals aim to confuse and indoctrinate children for the purpose of recruitment. This is a blatant effort to normalize what are considered very controversial ideas and life choices by an even tinier portion of a tiny minority.

Parents and the majority of the gay community believe in parental rights. The right to educate their children about sexuality, sexual practices and alternate lifestyles how and when parents deem appropriate. For the Biden administration, activists, radical teachers’ unions and schools to come between parents and children will NEVER be a winning policy. Regardless of Biden’s DOJ threats. Another vote losing action.

The Biden White House listens, only, to the loudest, most outrageous voices on planet Earth. Biden and his Band of Radical Marauders will use any means to achieve their ends. Starting with lies and indoctrination. When those don’t work, threaten starvation, threaten schools and threaten parents. How wrong is this?

Congratulations, Joe, you have reached a trifecta pinnacle of the most dangerous, unprecedented stupidity in modern American history. As president, you are determined to promote lies, blame anyone else, use inflammatory rhetoric and establish bad policies. Policies which harm America’s most vulnerable citizens, ruin industries, punish institutions (even the Supreme Court) and burden parents. You and your “woke” WH advisors must be so proud for being anti-green energy as complete wastes of air and space. At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the lights are on, but no one is home now or for the foreseeable future.

There is no greater danger to society and democracy than stupid people with power. Stupid spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.


Tears flow. Hearts break. Outrage grows in Texas not only because of the precious lives lost, but because of the police tactical decisions made as well. These questions will greatly add to the grief of these parents and families. Horrible to not only lose your child or loved one. Then to be left with haunting questions of could my child or loved one have been saved? This question will continue to swirl in the minds of parents and loved ones for a long time if not forever. It will be a horrendous burden to add to their grief.

It is early in the investigation, but it will be a long time until the dust settles on this tragic event. Much about what happened will remain in the news. I am not going to focus here on possible mistakes made. I want to focus on PREVENTING school shootings. If school shooters cannot get access to a school, there will be no kids and staff lives lost. My opinion is A GOOD OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE. Systems MUST be put in place to deter and discourage would be school shooters. Shooters NEED TO KNOW they will NOT be successful and it will NOT end well for them.

I am basing my recommendations on my experiences as a school nurse for 24 years in a large urban east coast school district in a crime ridden city. Most of my years were spent in high school. In all the city high schools, there was a city police officer assigned to the school in addition to the school police officers. Most of the school police officers were retired law enforcement or military.

There were also metal detectors in every high school. Every morning, each student went thru the metal detector. Everyone who wanted or needed access to the building had to go through the metal detector. The police officer was usually at the main entrance where the metal detector was located unless he was called to an incident within the building or in court.

In 24 years, there was never a shooting inside any city school. My last school was six stories tall and nearly two blocks square with nineteen doors and 2000 students. Only the main entrance was accessible. All other doors were locked to prevent entrance from the outside, but allow exit from the inside. Aides were placed at strategic locations to make sure no one opened a door to let someone in. All administrators, the head secretary, all disciplinarians, all hallway aides, security officers and the police officer had school radios. The school police office had screen monitors to show images from the security cameras throughout the school and outside.

So how can a kid and staff be safer in a dangerous city in some very rough schools than in a suburban or rural school? Because the school district was realistic and took appropriate measures. Suburban and rural districts could do the same if they would get their heads out of the sand. The US, unfortunately, has become a dangerous world with many disturbed and/or evil people who would do our children harm. I repeat, potential school shooters nationwide have to KNOW they will NOT be able to enter a school to commit carnage and harm.

Here’s what could be done to deter/discourage school shootings.

  1. Put a hot button in each school office to directly summon police.
  2. Put metal detectors in all secondary schools.
  3. Assign law enforcement officers to all large schools.
  4. Have security cameras and monitoring in large schools.
  5. Keep all school doors locked from the outside.
  6. Have all visitors to smaller schools be visible on an office monitor for identification and require visitors to be buzzed in. No unexpected visitor should be allowed entry.
  7. Put an armed (with a long assault weapon) retired military veteran or law enforcement officer on the roof of every school. Put protective barricades around the officer.
  8. Have law enforcement make regular patrols by schools.
  9. Vary the schedules of the armed police officer (lunch, etc.) and the police patrols.
  10. Make homicides committed in school shootings a federal crime with a mandatory death penalty or mandatory life sentences for juveniles.
  11. Make all mass killings a federal crime with a mandatory death penalty or a life sentences for juveniles.
  12. Make any homicide committed with an illegal gun a federal crime with a mandatory death penalty or mandatory life sentences for juveniles.
  13. Make selling an illegal gun used in a homicide a federal crime with a mandatory life sentence.
  14. Make gun dealers who sell more than one gun or a large amount of ammunition to any one person report these purchases to law enforcement or a regulatory agency. Make protective body armor accessible to the military and law enforcement ONLY. No private sales. Period.
  15. Mandatory background checks on ALL gun purchases.
  16. No more online purchases of any type weapon or protective body armor.
  17. Increase the number of accessible mental health services in small communities nationwide.
  18. Increase the number of inpatient psychiatric beds throughout the US. There is a small percentage of mentally ill who are dangerous and cannot be relied on to take medications as an outpatient.
  19. Make the involuntary commitment of a person deemed harmful to themselves or others for more than 72 hours involve less red tape to streamline the process.
  20. Encourage young people to consider/pursue a career in a mental health field.
  21. Stop denigrating law enforcement with lies, false statistics and defunding.
  22. Stop electing radical DA’s who will not enforce the laws. Impeach DA’s who refuse to perform their sworn duties.
  23. Insist that social media develop methods to immediately flag any person who makes threats of physical violence even in private messages. Require social media to immediately alert law enforcement of physical threats or videos of violent acts occurring or occurred.
  24. Stop validating with donations radical social activist groups who foment division and violence. Fact check their rantings, allegations and financial expenditures.
  25. INSIST lawmakers get a SPINE and pass the above tough laws to defend our kids. Make them understand law abiding Americans fear for their lives and the lives of their children.
  26. Put some of these initiatives on ballots to let the people DECIDE how to protect their schools and communities.
  27. Urge officials to use the unused COVID money granted to municipalities and school districts to finance some of the above initiatives.
  28. Make sure your police department is well trained for active shooter events and has a quickly accessible, specially trained tactical unit.

The bottom line is American school children in all grades should not have to attend school daily with the fear that they could be shot. Neither should they have to endure and practice “active shooter drills.” It is disgraceful what US school kids are being put through. Why should children fear for their lives in a place that should be safe, happy and conducive to learning? We must do better as a nation. Young lives depend on it. All of us are responsible to put an end to school shootings. It is long past time to shout “NO MORE!!!”


I wish I was so sure of a coming red wave as many Republican politicians and pundits. I have learned to never underestimate the deviousness and nefariousness of the Democrats. Democrats always march lock step with each other with very rare exceptions. Democrats are always several steps ahead of the Republicans with Democrat dirty tricks. Example: The recent “leak” of Supreme Court Justice Alito’s draft opinion on Roe v. Wade. I believe this was a Democrat PLAN, not the spontaneous work of some inspired law clerk. I predict the FBI will NEVER find the source of the “leak.” I am sure many Democrats know the source of the “leak.”

The Democrats needed this “leak” to fire up their base for November 2022 and to further distract from the dumpster fire that is the Biden administration. Four out of five Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Three out of four Americans are concerned about the economy. Like the Democrats say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

I came across an interesting link to an article on Gov. Mick Huckabee’s Newsletter. A conservative journalist, Andrea Widberg, writing for American History, presented a provocative, but plausible theory.

Pay attention! This is important. Ms. Widberg posits that the Democrats will not go down without a fight. They are aware of the damage the Biden-Harris train wreck has done in a short time. She believes, before the midterms, Kamala Harris will be forced to resign with friendly, convincing promises/bribes or unfriendly threats.

Widberg believes Barack Obama is READY and graciously willing to step into the void left by Kamala’s departure. (Perhaps this has been the plan all along.) If a VP needs to be replaced, the president appoints the replacement VP. If told to, Biden will appoint Obama. Obama is still popular with some people in the US. Plus, over his eight years as President, he appointed top ranking loyalists to him in every federal agency. They remain in place until this day.

Then more Oval Office intrigue. Obama will quickly move to remove Biden by means of the 25th Amendment. This will most likely gain wide support in Congress and the general population. Voilá! Obama can then step in as President IF his ascension is approved by a confirmation votes in the House and in the Senate. How? The 22nd Amendment says a President cannot be ELECTED to more than two terms. But a President may serve additional terms if NOT elected. Problem solved.

So the Democrats anticipate with Obama’s widely expected popularity, they can seize the day in the midterms and 2024 thus keeping the House and Senate and possibly the Presidency. This also solves the problem of any charges and issues resulting from the Durham investigation for Obama, Hillary Clinton, the FBI and a whole host of Democrat operatives. How convenient!

Who will Obama choose as his VP? Maybe Hillary or Michelle Obama? Would he appoint his own Cabinet? If Michelle Obama becomes VP (most likely choice) and is elected to the presidency in 2024, then Barack becomes the de facto President. His triumphant return to the White House! Will all the stars align? Are the Obama’s as popular and vital as they believe themselves to be?

The Democrats, particularly an egomaniac like Obama, will use any means to to remain in power and maintain their dream to turn this country into a one party nation. And a nation that is part of globalism and the New World Order. Therefore, the deliberate almost 2 million and counting daily by the thousands of illegal immigrants granted entry into the US since Biden took office. The US will cease to be a sovereign nation.

Using Obama’s own words, “Fundamentally transform America.” Yes, Obama can accomplish his personal vision due his deceitful charm, so many uninformed, gullible voters, complicit Democrat politicians, billions of campaign dollars donated by wealthy radicals and social media giants to Leftist activist groups, a corrupt media and Obama’s OWN long, carefully laid plans. Obama is the quintessential Evil Genius. Never forget that. Trust NOTHING he says.

I hope I am wrong, but like I said, NEVER underestimate Democrat dirty tricks. They are in it for the long game by not letting Biden’s deliberate “crises” go to waste.


We no longer live in a civil US society that respects the law or US Constitution. We no longer live in a US society the respects freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

We live in a US society which condones and promotes violence, sexual promiscuity, abortion, celebrity, the degradation of marriage and child bearing, illegal drug use, profanity, crime without doing time and the degradation of law enforcement.

In today’s post, I am going to focus on abortion and the promotion of “choice.” Who benefits from “choice?” Certainly not the 62 million babies who have been aborted in the US since Roe v. Wade was enacted. Many female babies, many minority babies to the point of minority genocide and many immigrant babies. All groups which the “women’s movement” professes to march for and to support.

Planned Parenthood certainly benefits financially from providing abortion services. Providing other types of women’s health care is only a very, very small percentage of their services and budget. Abortion is a big, profitable business along with the sale of fetal body parts. Very tragic and very evil.

To me, abortion is intrinsically evil, not just in the act itself, but in those who promote it. As Dr. Ben Carson said recently, those who demonstrate and sing the praises of abortion, are abhorrent in these actions. I agree. How can it be “good” to believe the destruction of a living fetus or baby is laudable? If anyone who knows when life begins, I think that would be a pediatric neurosurgeon. His impoverished mother chose to give him life. He, in turn, has saved many children’s lives. How many female and male babies with great potential have been aborted? We will never know.

I say intrinsically evil because of what abortion activists have said and done on the steps of many Catholic churches. Most notably a woman on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. She was scantily clad with an artificial bulge over her abdomen. She kept screaming, “We are killing babies,” as she attempted to pull apart an infant doll. Other demonstrators clapped and laughed in approval. How SICK is that?

I maintain both actions are signs of very callous and very evil people who believe in no Higher Power or the benefits of the nuclear family. These are Marxist beliefs espoused by many far left “social activist” groups. They are embraced by the Democrats and funded by Soros, Gates, Zuckerburg, Bezos, Bloomburg and Farrakhan. All of whom donate extremely large amounts of money through private groups to Democrat campaigns.

Another group fire bombed the office of a pro-life center and threatened further destruction of property and life with words scrawled on a remaining wall. Just today, this group claimed responsibility for this act. They promised more destruction to come. How sick and evil is that? A group which has no respect for a baby’s or an adult’s life, property or the well-being of anyone who disagrees with them.

These groups are truly doing the work of the devil. Make no mistake. Hell exists. I literally know from speaking to EMT’s and firefighters who routinely bring some extremely bad criminals back to life. These saved individuals report they did not see any light or feel peace. Instead, they experienced coldness, darkness and tremendously scary feelings of evil. They were very frightened and grabbed onto their saviors upon regaining life. Often, these criminals made religious conversions and returned to the firehouses toting Bibles and preaching the good word.

In addition, a group issued a statements jeering the Catholic faith. It said in part, “….Hold onto your rosaries….. We will burn your Eucharist.” As a Catholic this distressed and angered me terribly. The rosary is the most powerful prayer in Catholicism. The Eucharist is the most sacred practice in the Catholic liturgy. This was beyond offensive. And yes, intrinsically evil beyond the issue of abortion. Some of society may look aside, but God will not. God will condemn these actions as he condemns the destruction of life, of any church, synagogue or mosque. Or any Bible, Torah or Koran.

These are also dangerous times we live in, especially for our US Supreme Court Justices. We have a two-tiered system of justice in the Biden DOJ, White House, Congress and FBI. Protesters are forbidden by federal law from demonstrating in front of a federal judge or Supreme Court Justice’s home. Nonetheless, they are doing so without reprisal.

Everyday, more gasoline is being poured on the dumpster fire which is the Biden administration. Failed policies that have endangered US citizens in addition to destroying our very country and our way of life in ever increasing ways. God forbid a Supreme Court Justice will be assassinated or one of their spouses or children harmed while Biden and his hapless band of Democrats look idly by. Yet, another attempt by Democrats to get votes which will fail.

About 80% of Americans are against both unfettered abortion and demonstrations at the Justices’ homes. So, we see more Democrat tone deafness, greed for power and yes, EVIL. Democrats, in every lie, in every policy, in every hypocrisy, in every decision, seem to be the party of evil. Democrats demonize or “cancel” anyone who or anything which dares to disagree with them. This is evil and Marxist. I see supporting Democrat policies and the Biden administration as joining the work of very dark, ungodly forces.

Please know Catholics are not afraid. We will continue to defeat abortion, attend church, say the rosary and receive the Holy Eucharist. We are on God’s side. Abortion and the intrinsically evil are not. I do not condemn, but God can and will condemn the non-righteous for their evil deeds. Amen.

Figure Skating: Sport or Spectacle

Avidly watching the various figure skating events on the televised Olympic games, I have gotten sick of all the emphasis on quadruple jumps especially in Men’s Skating and Women’s skating. I have been asking myself if “harder, stronger, faster, higher” is really the way to go in the sport of figure skating? I do not […]

Figure Skating: Sport or Spectacle

NFL “Children?”

Commenting on an internet news website on two unfortunate incidents involving Las Vegas Raiders players, I received a peculiar response to my comments about the two players. I refereed to them as “young men.” The response was, “These are not men. They are children who never grew up.” I am having a hard time interpreting this, so I did not respond. Yet, these words stayed with me.

Were these words an excuse for the players’ actions, more victimhood ideology or an attempt to be charitable? For those of you unfamiliar with the incidents, I will briefly recap. The first was a second year player. He allegedly became provoked with someone and drew a gun on the person. Apparently not the first time his behavior had raised eyebrows in the league. He was dismissed from the NFL.

The second situation was serious beyond description with a very tragic outcome. A Raiders rookie player became very drunk. Then, got behind the wheel of his car. He was apparently so impaired he did not realize a car in front of him was stopped. He supposedly never braked and hit the car with such force, it instantly burst into flames. A 23 year old woman and her dog were killed immediately. There was no way to rescue them. This player was also dismissed from the league.

If you hadn’t heard of either incident, you are probably not alone. The media, at the time, was obsessed with reporting Wisconsin quarterback, Aaron Rogers every word and his COVID vaccination status. The media COVID police were so determined to make this a sensational story, they ignored an actual police story.

Indeed, the premise of the article I read was not to report two criminal incidents and lament the loss of life, but to lament the Raiders unfortunate draft choices. It went on in detail with a woulda, coulda, shoulda future draft scenario for the team. In the last sentences in the article, the author, briefly, expressed sympathy to the family for the young woman’s death. How thoughtful. Adding that the team and NFL had reached out to the family to express their condolences. Are you freakin’ kidding me!!!

I have been so angry for several days with the media, the team and the league, I felt compelled to do a little research. The Las Vegas Raiders team is worth $3.1 billion according to Forbes Valuations for 2021. The total combined value of all NFL teams is $105.29 billion also according to Forbes for 2021. Professional football seems like a very big and profitable business.

Just maybe then, the team and/or NFL should pay for this young woman’s funeral–the biggest funeral Las Vegas has ever seen. Plus pay, for any treatment or therapy her family may need as a result of their horrific bereavement. I think that would be fair.

Just maybe then, if you work by playing for such profitable enterprises and negotiate a lucrative contract, you should be considered a grown man. How does a “child” go through college on a football scholarship and attain the rank of an NFL player in one of the most esteemed, richest sports in the world? That level of motivation, determination and achievement is hardly that of a child. What you do with your new found fame and fortune is your choice as an adult.

Plenty of professional sports players come from impoverished, less than ideal circumstances. Most make the choice to take full advantage of their situations to live a good life, help family and friends and establish charities and foundations to help families and kids struggling for a better life. Even to become a professional athlete.

A few make wrong choices maybe by not leaving harmful old contacts and associates behind. Maybe by not handling stress well and turning to drugs or alcohol. The NFL is developing and has many programs to assist players. Now, one league owner is working to remove the stigma associated will mental illness.

I don’t pretend to know what lead these two players to their wrong choices. I do know neither is a victim. In one case, a young woman, her dog and her family and friends are the victims. In the other case, a very frightened, unarmed victim was staring down the barrel of a gun and wondering whether they would live to see another day. I also know men playing at the level of the NFL are not to be excused for wrongdoing because “They never grew up.”

Stupidity Reigns

Stupidity reigns in the White House and in the Biden Cabinet. Biden’s stupidity and VP Harris’ stupidity are rivaled only by the stupidity and idiocy of Biden’s individual Cabinet members.

I came to this conclusion from Biden’s continued war on fossil fuels by wanting to close down or curtail another pipeline. Yet, Biden begs OPEC and Russia repeatedly to produce more oil. According to former Energy Secretary under Trump, Rick Perry, OPEC and Russia’s production of fossil fuels cause far more pollution than any such production in the United States. The US carbon dioxide emissions were the lowest ever during the Trump Administration. Didn’t Biden pledge his concern for global fossil emissions and climate change in Scotland? Further proof Biden doesn’t remember anything.

According to the former Energy Secretary Perry, the US is sitting on enough oil to last 100 years of US energy needs. This push for electric everything actually increases the need for fossil fuels. That’s where electricity comes from, fossil fuels including coal. Nevertheless, Democrat members of Congress called in all the major oil executives and badgered them to commit to lowering oil production. How can the US do this? Substitute energies are not sufficiently available. Again, putting the cart before the horse just like the Afghanistan withdrawal. How many of us can afford a new electric vehicle? They go about 260 miles then need charging. Are there sufficient and convenient charging stations across the nation? I doubt it.

Then we have VP (Kaclin’) Kamala Harris. She has clearly been unable to demonstrate anything she knows and anything she does. Every question posed to her is met with hilarity and deflection. How she spends her days is a mystery unless she is out on the campaign trail for a Democrat candidate. Wish I could get her salary, benefits and pension for doing practically nothing.

Onto the Cabinet. We have a Secretary of Defense Austin who believed the US military had no capability to breach a narrow perimeter around the Kabul airport to rescue any stranded Americans or SIV holders. The greatest fighting force in the world could not do this even though smaller allied forces managed to get their people out. Is our military might soon to be eclipsed by the Chinese military focusing on military training and military buildup. US military demise has been aided by the Joint Chiefs leaving $80 billion worth of sophisticated military equipment in Afghanistan. The Chinese immediately began removing it and tearing it apart so they could duplicate US military sophisticated military technology.

Speaking of General Milley, as Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, he has focused on teaching Critical Race Theory and sensitivity in the military and the service academies. Meanwhile, cadets are leaving West Point because they believe the emphasis on CRT and sensitivity to the exclusion of military history, science, math and military tactics will not help them become better military officers. Personally, I have trouble envisioning a “sensitive” drill sergeant or a commander issuing orders in the “hope” that no troops will be “personally offended.”

Moving on, we have Secretary of State Blinken who believes the US maintains influence with the Taliban in Afghanistan with “over the horizon capabilities.” Well, Blinken must be the Wizard of Oz. Those “capabilities” seem “somewhere over the rainbow” since there are no longer any American personnel in Afghanistan, only an unknown number of hostages.

Next we have Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, who recently confirmed everyone’s suspicion and concern that roads are “racist.” I am so relieved by that ridiculous acknowledgement. Meanwhile, shipping containers are stuck in port and truckers can’t be found. Maybe because gasoline is too expensive. People have expressed concern that Buttigieg’s paternity leave has had an adverse effect on our transportation woes. I am more afraid for when he returns. You can’t fix stupid!

Perhaps the Secretaries of Energy and Commerce can help. Don’t get your hopes up. The Secretary of Energy answered she “didn’t know” what could be done about the rising gasoline prices. Like most of the other Biden Cabinet members, the chief job prerequisite was incompetence. As for the Secretary of Commerce, she was asked what could be done about problems in the supply chains to help businesses and decrease inflation. She responded with a lengthy laugh. Maybe she and Kamala were in the same college sorority.

The Biden Cabinet must be the White House Jesters. Perhaps they should all go on SNL and play themselves. I am having a hard time laughing, though, because their rank incompetence is no joke. I read a statistic that 50% of Americans have no idea what is going on in the US. Add that to a corrupt media which covered up scandals and ineptitudes for both Biden and Harris. Those uninformed voters, a corrupt media and voting fraud amounted to probably the most disastrous American Presidential election, ever, in 2020. Voting and voting with hatred, thanks to the lying media, has had severe consequences. I see no relief in sight with this inept, corrupt and tone deaf Biden administration as they rival each other with stupidity.

Victimhood Ideology

I just read an article where it stated 30% of all millennials identified as LGBQT. While I was taken back by what I consider this to be a high percentage, I was not shocked. It seems as a society, we have reaped what we have sown. Children in elementary school and teens in high school have been fed a steady diet of it is “okay” to question your sexual identity. This has been done all in the name of the new buzz words, “gender identity and gender equity.” Never mind what you see in your pants or what your birth certificate says. All that is irrelevant and proof that the “system” has “victimized” you into to believing you are someone you are really not. Activists claim you may not be who your birth circumstances and anatomy assigned you to be. So, they preach you are rightfully a “victim” of society, your parents, God or an antiquated system of labeling male or female. What ever sticks to the wall.

Are there people who are legitimately LGBQT? Of course. Do they deserve the same rights as everyone else? Of course. Should students of any age, who present legitimate LGBQT needs, be supported and assisted in schools with everyone’s safety in mind? Of course. But LGBQT issues have gone far beyond that into an activist pushing of radical thinking and radical instruction. I think this radicalism is actually harming the LGBQT community in ways they would agree. Instead of leading to acceptance of the LGBQT community, this misguided activism is increasing prejudice against the very LGBQT community it is claiming to represent.

Imagine what it does to confuse a young child who has always identified as a boy or girl to be told, once they arrive in school, they have the freedom to decide if they “want” to be a girl or boy. Or who are being taught that two mommies or two daddies are the same as a mommy and a daddy. And going to library hours with drag queens reading to them is perfectly okay. And what does presenting teens with a steady diet of unlimited gender choices in an already confusing time in their lives do? It adds to further confusion and safety concerns. We are now on record with a boy dressed as girl going into the girls restroom and raping one girl and then another girl in another school. Is this boy really transgender or an opportunist sexual predator? Boys are claiming transgenderism in order to be allowed to play on girls sports teams. This increases the likelihood of the transgender teen getting a college scholarship because of superior physical performance over the girls. Is this fair to girls sports? How do we know the transgender boy is really as he says, transgender? There will always be opportunists.

What all these practices have done recently is galvanize parents. Parents who feel such topics are for them to discuss with their kids from their own perspectives and belief systems. What this has done is win elections for conservative political candidates by concerned parents from different political parties. Parents want input into the social issues their children are being taught or exposed to. Pro gender identity politics has proven to be a losing issue. Yet Progressive politicians are doubling down on their radical ideas.

I believe that many of these so called LGBQT millennials are so confused about their own gender identity because of constant exposure to this topic. Confused by the constant pushing of a myriad of gender choices by gender equity activists . Especially to kids too young to understand and to make such decisions. I believe these activists have no idea what is best for children. Do they really want what is best for children? Or do they really want what is best to foster for their own activist beliefs? To me, that is to increase their activist ranks and make everyone in their ranks a “victim.”

Victim ideology is now a driving force in politics, the media and unfortunately gender identity. The only people, who not considered victims, are white, male heterosexuals. They are considered by these activists as society’s oppressors and controllers. Everyone else is a victim of race bias, and/or gender bias, and/or gender identity bias when it comes to education, health care, housing, employment, business practices. You name it and these activists can make the case you are being victimized. They are convinced some people fall into all three categories of biases and victimhood. This victim ideology is hardly a positive or encouraging message. Who is it helping? No one.

Add to it, years and years of brainwashing of higher education students by Marxist college and university professors. They are telling students they are “victims” of a capitalist system. Capitalism is bad and socialism is good because there are no “economic victims” with socialism. Everyone is equal. Yes, with socialism, history has proven everyone is equally poor and equally victimized by corrupt, total government control.

I don’t know what kind of jobs any of these misguided activist radicals and these so called “victims” qualify for. Maybe writing books about their ideology. Maybe they become university professors in universities now granting increasingly amorphous degrees which qualify the graduate to do absolutely nothing. Maybe they can work for far left activists groups as paid troublemakers and felons who call themselves “protestors” all in the name of victimhood.

Seems this latter ploy has been successful. Equally radical district attorneys are not charging any of these radicals with with the deaths, injuries and the vast destruction of property they caused. Victimhood has become advantageous and profitable. The victims of crime are no longer victims. Criminals have become the “true victims” of criminal acts due to a long list of unfortunate circumstances.

Only citizens who are willing to stand up to harmful ideologies can change what they find objectionable. Lawful activism and high voter turnout can change conditions foisted on the public by radical and unscrupulous political opponents and their supporters. We have a choice about who can “fundamentally change America” for better or for worse. Regardless of your gender, sexual identity, race or economic situation, if you believe in the American dream, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, don’t sit on the sidelines. The time has come to be lawfully pro-active, not reactive. It is better to prevent regrets than to live with them.